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need help in rendercontrol


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the difficulties that i face in my current situation is like this. i have to create a chart which will be generated dynamically according to the database.

which means if there are 50 data inside, i will have to generate 50 charts equivalent. therefore i cannot drag and drop the chart component as the quantity cannot be estimated. so my function coding in aspx.vb is like this:

dim loadchart as new chartfx.webforms.chart

loadchart.import(FileFormat.Binary, mychartfilepath)

loadchart.width = 1000%

loadchart.height = 450

loadchart.renderformat = ".Net"


meanwhile i start my coding in my main page with some components such as label , combobox(called it as selection criteria bar) all hardcoded in aspx sourcepage.

the problem is whenever loadchart.RenderControl(), aspx page will treat it as response.write(chart)...so the generated chart is always positioned at the upmost corner in the aspx page. But i want it to appear below my selection criteria bar. Is there any expert to point out the correct way for me? should i not used the command of rendercontrol()?

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You want to make sure your code is not run in Page_Load but instead add a block of code that runs after the criteria bar, this will look like "classic" ASP page but should work




Selection Criteria bar goes here


Chart code goes here using RenderControl



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