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How to replace zooming with Custom Zooming in ToolBar


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I'm using the folloing code to create a command & then the handler. By doing this I get a new Tool bar button.

That not exactly what I want to do. I want my "Zoom Off" command to replace the ChartFX "Zoom" toolBar command.

How can I do that. Also, I couldn't fire InternalCommand event as you suggested. 


chart2.Commands[4].Enabled = true;chart2.Commands[4].Text = "Zoom Off";

chart2.ToolBarObj[15] = 4;  // I'm just using 15 because I don't know what to use

chart2.UserCommand +=

new CommandUIEventHandler(chart2_UserCommand);



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The InternalCommand event is there with all the other events. I don't know why you don't see it.

You can also replace the Zoom button in the toolbar with any command, either pre-defined or custom. In the default toolbar, the Zoom button is index 18 (separators count as items too).

Note: Because of the location of this posting I am assuming you are using Chart FX for VS 2005 Windows Form control.

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