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How to make certain Datasets unvisible?

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When i use Datagridview Datasets i can make certain of them unvisible with following Code :

 for exp :  With Me.DataGridView1   .Columns("Startdatum").DisplayIndex = 0   .Columns("Linie").DisplayIndex = 1   .Columns("ArtikelNr").DisplayIndex = 2   .Columns("Stielbruch").DisplayIndex = 3   .Columns("Krummglas").DisplayIndex = 4   .Columns("Glasfehler").DisplayIndex = 5   .Columns("ErsteWahl").DisplayIndex = 6   .Columns("Stunde").Visible = False --------------> this Line Unvisible, will not be shown in DataGrid view


Now i need the same code for Chart FX DataGrid , cause there are Datasets i dont want to see and be painted in Chart FX

 Plz Help, Thanks



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They are different approaches, in the DataGridView there is a column for each field in the DataSet. This is not the case in Chart FX. The GridView is simpler because there is a direct mapping from fileds to columns, in Chart FX a field in the dataset can be used for many things: value, x-value, label, etc.

Instead of "hiding" what you don't want, you add what you want. For example:


chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("Sartdatum"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("Linie"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("ArtikelNr"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("Stielbruch"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("Krummglas"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("Glasfehler"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("ErsteWahl"),FieldUsage.Value);

chart.DataSourceSettings.Fieds.Add(new FieldMap("Stunde"),FieldUsage.Value);

 I don't know the use you want to give to each field, you must select the appropriate FieldUsage for each one.

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