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Downloading Chart issue

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I have just installed ChartFX.NET 6.2 onto a W2K server and am running an

intranet application that does some charting. The problem is that it all

works fine for a while and then I get a "Downloading Chart Please Wait" box

which just sits there. I can bring up the toolbar and data editor while this

is occuring, but no graph. Reloading the page, shutting down the browser,

restarting the machine doesn't seem to fix the problem and from then on all

the graphs do this when viewed from that machine. Changing machines works,

but only until the same thing happens.

Other things I have tried, to fix the issue, is restarting IIS, and killing

the aspnet_wp.exe process. I have changed the Zone settings in IE, given

full trust to .NET controls in the Intranet Zone.

Is there something I've missed that can fix this issue?



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I think you may be having a problem with the mime types. Specifically, I 

think your IIS is not serving .CHW files.

Steps to register additional Mime Types:

1. Control Panel/Administrative Tools/IIS

2. Right click "Default Web Site" and select Properties

3. select HTTP Headers tab

4. choose File Types

5. Add New type

- Associated Extension: .chw

- Content type (MIME): application/octet-stream

- Ok..


Francisco Padron


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