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Misunderstanding after installation ?


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Just downloaded and installed Chart FX Lite. I'm a bit of a backyard novice programmer.

After installation I was able to get 'SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Lite' listed within the Customize Toolbox .Net Framework Components.

However, when loading a sample solution (Cluster) then 'Imports SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Lite' (at the head of the code) is not being recognised, and underlined in blue. 

 Also, when first loading the Cluster example, I received this 'Microsoft Development Environment' warning; "The project 'Cluster.vbproj' must be converted to the current project format. After it has been converted, you will not be able to edit this project in previous versions of Visual Studio. Convert and open this project?" ...  I accepted.

Running VisualStudio 2003 & Framework 1.1

Really appreciate some help.





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Thanks for this. When I opened the references there was an error symbol over the reference to chartFX.Lite


Adding a reference required browsing for the .dll which fixed the sample solution.


Interesting that with SoftwareFX,ChartFX.Lite checked within the .Net Framework Components the project had it wrong. Guess it was because of the different locations on the machine where the sample was originally built?




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