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How to label a Y axis like this?

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I need this axis labeling to plot electrical "power factor". Power factor

values vary from -1 to 1 and the best way to plot them is by having 1 in the

center of the Y-axis with positive values plotted above 1 and negative

values plotted below 1.

I thought about converting the values from the range -1 to 1 to the range 0

to 2 and setting the Y axis min/max to 0 to 2 with a step of 0.2 and then

labeling the points myself. That should work but I would like to autoscale

the axis (most power factor values rarely fall between -.7 and .7 so that's

a lot of wasted space on the chart) but then I don't know how to label the

axis myself.

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This is going to be tricky because you axis is not linear, you actually have 

to zeros (-0.0 and 0.0). I'm guessing 0 is NOT a possible value.

Can you please attach a drawing of what a chart with specific data will look

like, is -1 and 1 plotted at the same position ?


Francisco Padron


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