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Tooltip in data editor area


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I am trying to display tooltips in the data editor area but I am not able to do that. The reason I need tooltips is because of I only show a truncated name in the rows to save some real estate. When the user hovers over this truncated data, I would like to show the tooltip with the full name.

Since I did not see a straight forward way from ChartFX, I tried creating my own tooltip, but it breifly displays in the beginning but then it stops displaying. Anybody who has done it before, please let me know how to do it. Is Annotatation balloon a way to do it? Any input will be greatly appreciated.



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Tooltips are not supported in the Data Editor. I can't think of any way of achieving this in Chart FX 6.2

I was able to do it using Chart FX for 7.0 (for VS 2005) but I needed some new API to obtain the absolute position as well as new functionality that allows me to identify the cell.

Here is the code I used in 7.0:

private void chart1_MouseMove (object sender,HitTestEventArgs e)


  e = chart1.HitTest(e.AbsoluteLocation.X,e.AbsoluteLocation.Y,true);

  if (e.HitType == HitType.DataGrid) {

  string senderName = (e.Object != null) ? e.Object.ToString() : string.Empty;    toolTip1.Show(string.Format("MouseMove: {0} - {1} ({2},{3})",e.HitType.ToString(),senderName,e.Series,e.Point),chart1);



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