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Copying charts via Code-Behind


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I have created four "thumbnail" charts on my webpage.  I would like to have the user click on these fully-functional thumbnail charts, and have my web page display a full sized version on the screen.

Currently, for testing, I have tried the following in my Page_Load function:

this.fxMainGraph = fxDailyValue;

fxMainGraph is the "full-size" graph that I want, and fxDailyValue is my thumbnail.

This doesn't seem to make my "main chart" the same as the thumbnail.


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That works great!  Thanks!

 However, I have made the toolbar and X-Axis labels invisible in my "thumbnails", and after I import them into my "full-size" chart, I can't get them back.

Should I make them visible before I copy the control?

Thanks again, Bryan

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