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Is "value" reserved word? Getting "isn't valid for this property" trying to set values for scatter plot


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Hi, new here, but past experience with ChartFX...  I'm trying to make it work in an MSAccess application, I see the objects fine, everything compiles clean, but then when I go to load the Values for the scatter plot I am getting the error message "The setting you entered isn't valid for this property".

Code is below.  "Value" is the default property for most MSAccess objects, I wonder if this is why I get an error on the >>> shown line below.  Does the order of my DLLs make a difference?  The recordset rs contains strictly single precision numerics, is there a strong type requirement I'm missing?  The ochart object is on a form in design time, it's not instantiated at runtime...

Thanks in advance...

  Me.ochart.Gallery = Gallery_Scatter

  Me.ochart.OpenData COD_Values, 1, nPoints

  Me.ochart.OpenData COD_XValues, 1, nPoints

  Me.ochart.DataSourceSettings.DataType.Item(0) = DataType_Value

  Me.ochart.DataSourceSettings.DataType.Item(1) = DataType_XValue


  While Not rs.EOF

  i = i + 1

  Me.ochart.xvalue(0, i) = rs.Fields(1)

>>>  Me.ochart.Value(0, i) = rs.Fields(2)




  Me.ochart.CloseData (COD_Values)

  Me.ochart.CloseData (COD_XValues)

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