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Export doesn't save off titles

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If I have a graph with 2 titles and do an Export with

FileFormat.BinaryTemplate and TemplateContents = FileContents.All, the

titles do not export. If I have a 2nd copy of the Chart control and do an

Import into that control as a BinaryTemplate and FileContents.All set, the

titles do not get re-created. Is this a bug?

I'm using 7.0.2330.23824



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The template does not ADD anything to the cart. It just serializes objects 

already there.

In the case of the title, it will read the title text if you already have a

title, if you do not, it will not add one.

The reason for this is that unlike FileFormat.Binary. FileFormat.Template

does NOT clear the chart prior to reading the template, if a new title was

added when you read the template, then reading the template multiple times

will add multiple titles.

If you want to save the state of the chart and import it as it was, without

regard for the current state, use FileFormat.Binary.


Francisco Padron


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