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Reset series color?


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User selects specific color for serie 1

User selects different gallery for series 1

User selects different pallete for graph

I want to reset all user-selected series colors when the user selects a different palette. However I don't want to reset other series attributes (like gallery) to defaults.

Chart.ClearData(ClearDataFlag_PerSeriesAttributes) clears all series attributes, so both gallery and color is cleared

Is there a way to do this?




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Internally we have the concept of an empty color so in theory setting all series colors to "empty" should work.

Unfortunately our empty color detection does not allow you to create it, we will change our detection so that creating a color using the ColorFromArgb function with all values set to 0 will be handled as empty. Please contact our support department for an updated set of DLLs.

Private Sub Command1_Click()Dim c As Long

emptyColor = Chart1.ColorFromArgb(0, 0, 0, 0)Chart1.Series(0).Color = emptyColorChart1.Series(1).Color = emptyColorEnd Sub



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