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Missing ChartFX.aspx file in the PSS directory.


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I could not get PSS to render charts.  It generates this code: <script src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-0626152717&type=js&mime=application%2fx-javascript"></script>  but when I looked under ChartFX70/PSS folder and there's only a web.config file.  Where can I find the http handler file?




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Normally the Chart FX Installation will do this for you. It has been a long time since I see IIS 5, so maybe the installer is not registering appropriately in this version.

Go to the IIS manager and create an application called chartfx70 pointing to your Chart FX installation folder /chartfx70.

Then make the PSS sub folder an application as well. Make sure ASP.NET is enabled for this application.

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