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Thanks JuanC - I was able to do that and got some more customization in the same chart.


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Hi JuanC,

Thank you very much for your kind help, I was able to do that and got some more customization in the same chart.

As you can clearly see in the below chart that there are 3 different groups of labels in X axis .

Question1: How to have3 different color labels for the 3 different groups in the Xaxis.


 4  |

3 |

2 |   Please assume There are three series Red, Blue and Green

1 |   are ploted against the corresponding Xaxis Red, Blue, Green values


| |  |   |  |     |   |  |    |  

  Red1   Blue1 Green1 Red2  Blue2  Green2  Red3 Blue3   Green3



I have sent you the clear chart image and code I used to support@softwarefx.com.( Day before yesterday)


Question 2:

I am using the below code for drilldown chart(intractive points links to other pages with parameter)

when I click on any part of page status bar in my aspx page shows "error on page"  (on the click of both inside the chart area and also in all part of the aspx page) .

Please let me know should I change the settings in chart property.

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