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What is the Alternate for FieldMapCollection in Visual studio 2005 for chartFX


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I am using Chart FX 6.0 version with Asp.net 2.0(webforms) on visual studio 2005. The feild map collection is a .Net 1.1 object(Visual Studio 2003). I could not find the feildmapcollection in .net 2.0 (Visual Studio 2003).  Is there any alternate for that in .Net 2.0 (Visual Studio 2003). .

 For your information I will paste the part of code where I use FieldMapCollection,

Dim redValues As Double() = {10, 12, 8}

Dim redXValues As Double() = {1, 2, 4}

Dim blueValues As Double() = {6, 14, 9}

Dim blueXValues As Double() = {1, 3, 5}

Dim listOfArrays As ArrayList = New ArrayList()





Dim lstProvider2 As New SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Data.ListProvider(listOfArrays)

Dim fields As FieldMapCollection = Chart1.DataSourceSettings.feilds


fields.Add(New FieldMap("Field1", FieldUsage.Value))

fields.Add(New FieldMap("Field2", FieldUsage.XValue))

fields.Add(New FieldMap("Field3", FieldUsage.Value))

fields.Add(New FieldMap("Field4", FieldUsage.XValue))

Chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Lines

Chart1.DataSource = lstProvider2

Thanks in advance

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