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Small Pie chart when there are multiple series


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I'm pretty new to ChartFX. I have created a Pie chart which looks great when there is only 1 series. However, when there are multiple series, the multiple Pie charts become very small. I end up with very small pies with lots of white space. I am using the same image height and width whether single or multiple series. I am developing with VBSCript/Classic ASP. ThanksĀ 

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Do you have Point Labels visible?

The space you see must be:

a) Pie charts are "square", so when the available area is divided, the minimum between the Width and Height will be taken. If you end up with a rectangle that is much wider than it is tall, you will see a lot of white space to the sides to make the pie perfectly round.

B) You may be seeing the space left for the point labels.

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