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data grid and line visibility


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 When the data grid is displayed and a currently visible chart line (assume there is more than one) is made invisible (in server code, either by callback or postback) the data grid titles are shifted to the left and no longer line up with the data that was present before. 

for example:

The original data grid:

  a b c dseries1 1 2 3 4series2 5 6 7 8series3   9 0 1 2


The grid looks like this after series1 is made invisible:

  b c dseries2 5 6 7 8series3 9 0 1 2 

if another series is made invisible, the titles shift once more to the left.  if a series is made visible again the titles are shifted back to the right.

I do believe this is a bug, but if not, please let me know what to do to fix it on my end.


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