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How to hide lines in a Line Chart?


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I just read in the printed manual that came with the installation media that scatter plots (XY plots) do not have categorical axes.  So i'm still trying to figure out how to plot just points, without lines connecting the points, that have a numerical Y value and a categorical (such as date) X value. 

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I also just read in the ChartFX Resource Center, that :

"However, in an XY or scatter, both axes are numerical. "

So, can you please elaborate as to how i can create a chart that has data points with numerical Y axis values and categorical X axis values, but with no lines connecting the points (apparently i can't use Line chart, since there is no way to eliminate the line).  Ultimately, i also want to have error bars plotted with the data points (which i guess is a scatter plot in the statistical extension). 

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Unless you pass X-Values. The X-Axis is going to be categorical. Dates are considered a continuous value and therefore are used for X-Values.

If you are using databinding and you have a date column, use the DataSourceSettings.Fields to indicate that you want to use this field as labels (the default will be to use it as X-Values). You can use any field to be your X-Axis labels (string fields are automatically used as X-Axis labels).

If you are passing data using the API, the X-Axis will remain categorical unless you pass X-Values to the chart. In other words, there is nothing you need to do to make the X-Axis categorical. The X-Axis is categorical by default.

A line chart and a scatter chart are IDENTICAL when it comes to the use of the X and Y axes. If you are not convinced, simply create a new form, select Scatter as the gallery from the property grid and run the app. You will see the X-Axis is categorical.

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