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.NET chart not rendering


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Hi,I've got a problem when trying to view a .NET rendered chart on my development machine.Browsing through VS2005(Cassini) is fine, but, through IIS I'm just getting an image place holder symbol and no chart.I believe this is because I'm not running PSS as an application through IIS.But as I'm only able to run one application locally, this is not possible.I thought that moving the 'ChartFX.PSS.HttpHandler.dll' to my bin folder and adding ...<httpHandlers>   <add verb="*" path="ChartFX.aspx" type="ChartFX.Pss.HttpHandler,ChartFX.Pss.HttpHandler" /></httpHandlers>... might resolve this. I was wrong.I've checked version numbers and read the article on PSS, but I still don't know what to do.

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1) Is the PSS service running?

2) Moving the PSS handler to your bin and modifying the .config file is fine, however you need to tell Chart FX to generate url's pointing to this new location instead of the default one (/chartfx70/pss). To do this, you need to add the following to ChartFX.Webforms.Config:



<HandlerURL><your application's url. ex: /MyApplication></HandlerURL>



 After doing this you can verify by doing a View Source in your browser whether the correct Url is being used or not.
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1) In services "Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service" exists and is set to start automatically.2) ChartFX.Webforms.Config is set and in the bin folderthe source i'm getting from the browser (IE7 for now) includes:<object codetype="application/octet-stream" id="ctl00$ContentPH_Main$Chart1" classid="/chartfx70/download/ChartFX.NetIEClient.dll#ChartFX.NetIEClient.Chart" standby="Downloading Chart FX control please wait ..."  WIDTH="700px" HEIGHT="402px" ><param name="DataPath" value="/chartfx70/temp/CFV0618_035301156C8.chw"/>[Chart FX: .NET Active client requires Internet Explorer and .NET Framework 2.0 or greater installed on the client computer.]</object>

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> 1) In services "Chart FX 7.0 PSS Service" exists and is set to start automatically. 

Is it running (started?)?

The following URL indicates PSS is not in use:

<param name="DataPath" value="/chartfx70/temp/CFV0618_035301156C8.chw"/>

You may have an issue with your IIS permissions. There are two issues here:

1) PSS is not being used. Why? Check the event log for PSS errors.

2) chw extension seem to be blocked by your IIS. To verify this go to the Chart FX for VS 2005 chartfx70\temp folder and check that the file is there. Then copy-paste the url to your browser's address bar and pre-pend it with your server name. What do you get? if you get 404, then it is being blocked. GO to your IIS admin and set it up wit octect/stream mime type.

 Note. We strongly recommend PSS to be used, so priority #1 is to find out why it is not.



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1) The PSS service is not running.When I tell it to start, it starts and then automatically stops again. This is logged as expected.I do however have an intemitent error that I can't reproduce in a controlled manor.Every so often i get an error logged against DCOM and the ASPNET user "The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {BA126AD1-2166-11D1-B1D0-00805FC1270E} to the user SRT-PC-0053\ASPNET SID (S-1-5-21-1940036400-2429390430-2310968594-1011).  This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool."I have since set the ASPNET user as the logon account for PSS, (this doesn't seem to have helped)2) The file exists local to my web project, the browser attempts to download the file but states that it cannot."IE was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found"

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I'm bumping this thread up as I have a similar problem when I run my page with a chartfx object within it under my local IIS rather than through Cassini. As with si-man I don't get any chart displayed and in fact I don't even get an 'X' placeholder. When viewing the source of the page the HTML has


  <script src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-062112061&type=js&mime=application%2fx-javascript"></script>



Under task manager the ChartFX PSS service is running successfully under SYSTEM.

Any ideas?



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I just had a look at the folders underneath the web root I am runnubg this app under and although I do have a /chartfx70/pss folder there is no ChartFX.aspx page within this folder. I've noticed that under Cassini it does not uses the /chartfx/pss folder but uses /chartfx/temp instead to store the .js,.chs and .chw files it uses to render the chart via the .NET control.



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ChartFX.aspx doesn't exist. It is simply a virtual name mapped by the PSS Handler. You should have a virtual folder in your application root (IIS manager) called chartfx70 and inside a Web Forms application called PSS. If you don't something went wrong with the installer. You can create this folder manually and point it to <Chart FX Install Folder>/chartfx70. Make sure the the pss folder is created as an application (not just a virtual folder).

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I'm back B)
I've re-installed ChartFX and PSS has now started.
also, I found a thread that helped me resolve the error i was getting in my sytem log http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Miscellaneous/Q_21425871.html?sfQueryTermInfo=1+ba126ad1-2166-11d1-b1d0-00805fc1270+xp

I've now removed the PSS Handler from my web project and changed the config back.
I've added "EventLogLevel" and "TempPath" to the ChartFX.Pss.Service.exe.config.

ChartFX Image charts work fine: <img src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-062609263&type=png&mime=image%2fpng"
ChartFX .Net charts don't render: <script src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-062609265&type=js&mime=application%2fx-javascript"

The files generated in C:\temp seem to lag behind those named in the page source:

Note: the 062609265(machineName_userAccount)_js file generated about 10 mins after the page rendered.

I think that I've distilled the issue, but I'm still not able to render the .net chart.
any ideas?

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> Note: the 062609265(machineName_userAccount)_js file generated about 10 mins after the page rendered.

This is normal. The contents are kept in memory for a while (MemorySlidingTime in the PSS config file).

Please try the following:

- Hit your page and do a view source to extract the url of the script file.

2) Copy-paste this url into your browser's address bar preceded by your server name. For example


3) What happens? Do do get any sort of error?

4) Check the event log and look for any messages from PSS.

5) One likely cause is security. In order for the .NET client to send authentication information back to the server it requires to be granted full trust in the client box. Try by changing the .NET framework trust to Full Trust.

I would like to point out that this kind of back-and-forth communication works best through our tech support dept. although I have no problem helping you through this forum, I think you will get a much faster solution if you contact Software FX support directly.


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I think i've been dumb.
This is the page response:

The XML page cannot be displayed

Cannot view XML input using style sheet.
Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try
again later.

Invalid at the top level of the document.
Error processing resource

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One thing. The fact that you are getting the script back means PSS is running and the HttpHandler is configured correctly.

The problem is definitely something to do with security, I think the user credentials are not getting through. The guys at support can direct you how to enable tracing in PSS to find out what's going on.

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Hi, problem solved.
The people at the support desk were great. Very quick to respond to issues (much like the forum administrators), which was great because I only have a couple of hours where our working days overlapped. There were some issues getting emails into the support system though.

Anyway, I installed Chart FX on a virtual PC, set the trust and deployed the site. And it worked, this was great because it meant that I had setup Chart FX correctly and the web app was fine.

Knowing this, I uninstalled Chart FX., (Full instructions provided by support, just in case)

1. Close any instances of ChartFX and Visual Studio.

2. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Remove ChartFX
for Visual Studio 2005 and ChartFX for Extensions. Please make sure
that all files/directories of ChartFX are propertly removed from
C:\Program Files. If not, please remove them manually.

C:\Program Files\Chart FX for Visual Studio 2005

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install FX

3. Then using regedit from the command prompt delete the following registries:



Always remember to have Visual Studio closed whenever you uninstall
or install ChartFX. Also, make sure to uninstall and install as the
system administrator. These two things are very important

4. Reinstall ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005.

Made sure the domain was trusted, and hey presto.

Thanks again to everyone for there support.

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