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Using DateTime on X axis


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 Hi, I'm trying to set my X axis to ultimately use an automatically scaled DateTime format.  I set the axis to DateTime using the smart tag wizard, but it will always reset to 'none' after I click accept.  The same thing will happen if I set it to Date.  If I manually set it to DateTime in code, it will reset to 'none' on program run.  I'm using the newest version of ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005.  What exactly is the problem, and how do I go about using DateTime on the X axis?


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You can only set it to a Date or DateTime format if you are assigning a DateTime column as your X-Values using databinding. In other words, when you go to the "Adjust Chart To Data" wizard, you must select a DateTime field, otherwise the Format will be validated and reverted back to None when databinding (either real or random data) occurs.

If you are not doing databinding but are going to pass the data by using the API (in your code) then you need to assign the X-Axis format in your code as well.

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