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Hi all


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I am a new user of Chart Fx tool. I am using chart FX 6.2 version with visual studio 2005. Would there be any problem in that.

Please help me out to start doing things.

As of now ,

1, I have a array filled with dates that is set of monthly dates like 1/1/2007, 2/1/2007,3/1/2007 etc  for x- axis

2, I have a datatable with one column (datatype decimal)  - Amounts in percentage for y- axis

3, I have dragged the chart control from toolbox to my webpage and desided to go with lines gallery - 2D.

There started the problem there are three series or lines(lines of plot) initially, I want only one, so I tried to remove two of them it is not going off .

to be clear see  both the image what I have currently now and what I want below that.

 currently the chart is like this



I want it to be like this (I got this Image from one of older application.

Graph charting percent change for measure. 

Please let me know 

1. How to set the labels and labels and values for the x- axis?

2. How to plot my Datatable column that has percentage(amount) values against the date values in my array with regards to corresponding axis?

Say for example

If array contains four dates

jan 2007

feb 2007



and dataset would contain one column of % values





Please help me on this I would need your certain help on this, I would Wait for replys

Thanks in advance



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Except for the first image, your images are broken and I can;t see them (security issue?) so I'm going to go out on a limb here and try to answer to your questions without actually looking at these images.

At design-time you are looking at Random Data, the number of series (lines) can be changed by going to the property grid and setting the Series property inside the Data object.

The number of series will also adjust automatically if you bind your chart to a datasource.

To pass data using the API (instead of databinding) take a look at the programmer's guide under "Passing Data". You will find Sample projects that show you how to do this. The code will look something like this:


Random r = new Random();chart1.Data.Series = 2;

chart1.Data.Points = 15;

for (int series = 0; series < chart1.Data.Series; series++) for (int point = 0; point < chart1.Data.Points; point++)

  chart1.Data[series, point] = r.NextDouble() * 100;


Using DataBinding is much easier and can be done without writing any code from the Chart FX Wizard.

X-Axis labels can also be set wither though DataBinding or the API, in the case the API is:

chart.AxisX.Labels = "Label " + i.ToString();


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