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Data grid boundaries overlap data entries


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I ran into the same problem Mian did as was described in a post on 05-02-2007 with a similar subject line.  The last post in that thread was by Frank asking for sample code to reproduce the problem.  Was this issue ever resolved?

 If not, I pasted sample code below.  It appears that the overlap occurs when a secondary y-axis is added to the chart.  When a single y-axis is used grid cells are properly sized.


I placed the VB code below, in a button_click event block.  After postback, open the data grid using the toolbar.  You'll see the most significant digits of the series2 field be cut off by cells that are too small to contain the data.

  Chart1.ToolBar.Visible = True   Chart1.Gallery = ChartFX.WebForms.Gallery.Lines   Chart1.Series.Item(0).AxisY = Chart1.AxisY2   Dim series1() As Double = New Double() {0.911, 0.921, 0.931, 0.921, 0.931, 0.9216}   Dim series2() As Integer = New Integer() {12, 3, 21, 20, 23, 12}   Dim labels() As String = New String() {10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60}   Dim allArrays As Object = New Object() {labels, series1, series2}   Chart1.AxisY2.DataFormat.Decimals = 4     Chart1.AxisY.DataFormat.Decimals = 25   Chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = New ChartFX.WebForms.DataProviders.ListProvider(allArrays) 

Also note that I didn't play around much with the order in which the commands are given.  It might make a difference.


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Thank you for your feedback. Thanks to your code, we were able to reproduce the problem and fixed it. It indeed had to do with using Multiple Y-Axis with different formats. In particular it happened when the axis for the First Series contained a smaller formatting than the axis for the other series.

The fix will be included in then next Service Pack. Please contact Software FX to obtain a HotFix containing this change prior to the release of the Service Pack.

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