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Problem in stack bar with line graph.


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Hi I have encountered a problem while trying to set stack bar graph with line graph.

My problem is --> I have plotted a graph with...first 3 series with stack bar as gallery. Then 4 th series with line as gallery. And then again 5 th and 6 th series again with stack bar as gallery.

Now the problem is the last two bar graph i.e., 5 th and 6 th bar is comming as a seperate stack bar instead of a single one consisting of 1 st to 6 th.

 I can work around the problem by setting the last i.e. 6 th series as line one. But I want to mentain the order as is it, so that it won't effect the Legend order.

Please help.


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This is working as designed. A change in the gallery type will cause an automatic break in the stacked groups.

You need to put the line series as the first or last.

If you want to control the legend box so that it displays something different than what's on the chart, you can create your own Custom Items. The following code removes the standard series legend items from the legend box and adds custom items in a different order:


private void CustomizeLegendBox ()


// Remove standard series legend from legend boxchart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart1.Series].Visible = false;







// First series displayed last

private void AddSeriesAsCustomItem (SeriesAttributes series)


CustomLegendItem ci = new CustomLegendItem();

ci.Attributes = series;

ci.Color = series.Color;




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