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License Issues : "More than 3 differences found"


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Hi ,

Once again i find myself caught in the web of the license issues of chartFx.

I had to restore a ghost backup of the original machine where Chartfx was working just fine, after this , i re-registered chartFx and updated the lic file .

Despite that , it does not accept the license. I am also unable to uninstall the package for a fresh install . I get an error saying "Windows error 3 occured while loading the Java VM" ,I am using Java 1.5 .

 The standard error console only displays " More than 3 differences found " unlike the usual IPaddress conflict message.

Need help resolving this.




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This problem is usually related to a different version of Java used to activate the license and the version that is being used by the application server where it runs.  The solution to this issue is to use the activation servlet, since it runs in the application server it will use the same Java instance to activate the license.

For mor information about the Activation Servlet, please check the documentation: Getting Started.../Installation and Activation

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