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When working with horizontal charts with variable number of points, multiple titles etc. what would be the best approach to calculate the height of the chart, to keep the "natural" size of bars and fonts heights and avoid visual distortion if the height is not set properly ?



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We will not scale the fonts used in the chart, so the only problem is that a chart with too many points may not show all labels.

The size devoted to the "plot area" is calculated depending on the titles (and their location), note that the font used in the title will make a difference, we also have a set of minimum gaps which you can modify using the PlotAreaMargins property.

It is hard to give you an exact formula for the best height as our calculations also include the axes (font is important here as well). If the number of titles is static and you are not changing the fonts, you can safely assume the extra space will be about the same (98 pixels in the image you sent), so you may want to set the chart height to 98 + numPoints*desiredBarHeight


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