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Positioning Tickmark Labels on a Horizontal Gauge Not Working


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I have a basic horizontal gauge.  When I try to offset the position of the major tickmark labels, it sets it to what seems to be 0, no matter what I offset it to.  Can anyone help me figure this out?

I used: (note: [x] represents any value I put there)

Tickmarks.Major.Label.Position = Position.Custom;

Tickmarks.Major.Label.PositionCustom = [x]f;

Thank you in advance for your help.

- Grorange

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Right when I post the question, I find out what's wrong.

I wanted to get the tickmarks to not show, but still show the labels, so I set the size to a very small .001f.  Of course, this affects the location of the labels.

So, now my question is, how can I eliminate the visual tickmarks but still maintain the labels?

Thanks- Grorange

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