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I have a Gannt chart with 3 panes. I would like to have a title for each pane to display above the chart but it always goes below the chart.

chart.Panes[1].AxisY.Title.Text =

"Test title";

Is there any setting that would move the title on top ? 


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Ok. I see now.

chart.Panes[1].AxisY.Title.Text = "Test title";

Is setting the title for the Y-Axis of the pane, not the pane itself. The Y-Axis is showing at the bottom of the chart, therefore the title also is.

You have a few options:

1) Use the Chart Titles. For example:

chart.Titles.Add(new Title("TestTitle"));

These titles are not attach to the panes but they can be aligned to the left right or center of the chart.

2) Create a secondary Y-Axis at the top of each of your panes (Axis.Position = AxisPosition.Far), hide the labels and set a title to it. For example:

AxisY axisY = new AxisY();

axisY.Min = 0;

axisY.Max = 1;

axisY.Style |=

axisY.Grids.Major.TickMark =

TickMark.None;axisY.Title.Text = "My Title";




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