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Realtime charting: DataGrid and Chart highlight synchronization


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I've put together a real time line chart with 10 points on the X axis. Below the chart I'm displaying the chart's DataGrid. The chart is setup to use the RealTimeMode.Scroll approach, so new data is added on the right and scrolls to the left. Everything looks good, and the data in the DataGrid matches the data that is shown on the chart and scrolls along with it.

My problem crops up when I stop the real time charting and highlight one of the DataGrid's columns. It appears that the DataGrid highlight mapping mechanism is set to use RealTimeMode.Loop, so the column that I highlight on the DataGrid does not match the column that gets highlighted on the chart.

For instance, if I stop the chart after inserting 3 data points. The chart and DataGrid both show data in the 8th, 9th, and 10th positions. But if I hover my mouse over the 8th position in the DataGrid, nothing is highlighted in the chart. However, if I hover over the 1st position in the DataGrid, the 8th position in the chart is highlighted.

If I enter data for all 10 positions, then the highlighting matches up perfectly, but if I enter 11, I have to hover over the 1st position of the DataGrid to highlight the 10th position in the chart.

The problem also shows up when the realtime charting is still running, but it's more difficult to explain.

Does anyone have an idea about what I might be doing wrong?


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This is a bug. I was able to reproduce it and we have fixed it in our internal build.

This fix will be included in the next Service Pack. Please contact Software FX support if you require early access to this fix.

Thank you for your feedback.

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No ETA. We released a SP recently and to be honest I don't think this bug will be considered high priority (because it is not a a crash and only happens in a very specific situation) so it is not going to prompt a Service Pack.

The way we do the service packs is we do one when there is a high priority bug, there is a high number of bug fixes, or a couple of months have passed since the last Service Pack. Whatever happens first.

In your case, I think it would be a good idea to get the hotfix, I think you will gain more (the fix) than what you will lose (some untested code).

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