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Cryptographic exception and series information


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Iv got 3 problems that have been plaguing me to no end...

 1. I have added 3 series to my chart and that information keeps getting lost again and again. Some times when visual studio crashes or i check out my code and run it, the series 2 and 3 information is gone. Everytime, only the information from series 1 remains.

2. Often without warning i get a cryptographic exception when i try to run my code... the debugger stops at the line <chartfx7:Chart ID="chrtYTD".... as the offending line.

3. And finally at other times i get a shadow copy error saying Cannot create/shadow copy 'ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments' when that file already exists.

I have attached a txt file with the trace for error 2 and 3. I havent seen any reference to such errors in this forum so am more puzzled on what i have done to cause them.Thanks in advance.

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