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Full Trust requirement is becoming a problem

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We have used ChartFX in a WinForms charting package that is part of our

web-based software. This WinForms package is a Rich Client (or Smart Client

or whatever MS calls them these days) and it requires Full Trust of the

server because of ChartFX.

We have corporate customers that are really complaining about requiring Full

Trust. Is Full Trust still a requirement in the latest ChartFX version

(we're still using 6.0) and, if so, are there any plans to change this


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If you want to use Chart FX Inside a browser you should be using the Chart 

FX Internet Client control.

Chart FX Internet Client Control is aware of partial trust scenarios and

does NOT require full trust.

Certain functionality like printing, hyperlinking, etc. do require Full

Trust but the control will fail "nicely" if these permissions are not


Chart FX Windows Form control is not designed to work inside IE but as part

of a managed application (EXE), the main reason Chart FX Windows Form

requires full trust is that the licensing mechanism in .NET requires full


All of this applies to both ChartFX 6.0 and 6.2 and as of today it is still

true in .NET 2.0.


Francisco Padron


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