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Combination charts - aligning points and bars


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This is just a helpful tip for those who may run into this situation.

When you are displaying a "combination" chart programmatically, of bars and lines, sometimes the line markers (dots) are not centered on the bars; instead they are aligned with the bars' left edge. 

chart.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; chart.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;// do data binding, etc.

Instead of doing it that way, do it this way, and the line markers will align to the centers of the bars.

chart.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;// do data binding, etc.chart.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Lines; chart.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;


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It looks like you may have an extra series that you don't see (maybe because all the points are hidden).

Turn on the DataGrid to verify. By setting:

chart.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;

You are setting the default for all series to be Bar, instead of Line (default).

If I am wrong please let me know, I was unable to reproduce the behavior you described starting from a default chart.

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