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Annotations and Custom Grid Lines - They are exported but don't appear


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to import properly.  I put a chartfx control on my windows form and wired it up to a

standard .NET property grid control.  It doesn't "appear" to support manually

manipulating annotations imported from elsewhere and the control itself

doesn't render all of them.  The custom grid lines show up in the proper

grid but only one of them is actually rendered on the control.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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I'm providing a runtime environment to end user's to change chart attributes in a windows

application.  To do that, I've put a chartfx windows control on a form along

with a .net property grid control.  Then assigned the chartfx windows control

to the .net property grid.  This works pretty well in most facits but there

doesn't seem to be any way to manipulate annotations.  Is this not supported

in chartfx?  I know they are there because the chart settings are imported

in from an xml file that contains.  The chart control retains the annotations

because they are still there is I export the chart back out.

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We provide no editor for annotation objects.

On a general note, none of the editors we have are designed for end-user utilization but for integration with Visual Studio. You may want to wrap the chart control and provide you own designer experience more in-tune with an end-user that's not familiar with the Visual Studio environment.

> The annotations also don't render when the windows exported settings are loaded

> to a webform chart.  Is there anything special you have to do for this?

What do you mean by "the windows exported settings". Can you please provide the code that you are using to do this.

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I opened up a chartfx sample for a scatter chart.  Modified some of the code and settings to make the chart render

on a windows forms control exactly how I wanted it to look.  Works great.  I then added a button to the

sample form and used the chart fx windows form control .Export method out to xml.  I took that same

xml file and loaded it to a web farm chart fx chart control (as we do with lots of other charts).  The chart

renders fine but the text annotations don't render.  I looked at the string in debug mode and see the

annotations in the xml string just as they are in the xml file.  No errors are thrown.  The annotations

just don't render at all.

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