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Image Map Name not getting set


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Hi , i have 4 charts to be displayed in One page , and am achieving this using an ajax call which generates the charts using the same page...To distinguush between the charts i am trying to set the ID as shown in the code that follows. However , the Image Map name for Each of the 4 charts is still "Chart1" . All charts have URLs on the points being plotted , but when rendered , the Map being used has the name "Chart1" and so all the 4 charts display hrefs at the position of the point on the first chart.

Am i issing something here?? Do i need to have different object identifiers for the 4 different charts?



ChartServer chart1 = new ChartServer(application,request,response); if(chartNumber==0){ chart1.setID("chart1"); }else if(chartNumber==1){  chart1.setID("chart2"); }else if(chartNumber==2){  chart1.setID("chart3"); }else if(chartNumber==3){  chart1.setID("chart4"); }

chart1.getXValue().setItem(0, i,((MyObject) MyObjectListget(i)).getXValue( )  ); chart1.getValue().setItem(0, i,((MyObject) MyObjectListget(i)).getYValue( ));

 chart1.getPoint().getItem(0, i).setURL("javascript:sh...");


<%=chart1.getHtmlTag("367","241","Jpeg") %> 

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Thanks for the prompt reply GabrielA,

There is only one Chart object as the page itself id loaded 4 times, and is displayed in 4 divs populated on AJAX calls,

I have used setID based on the chartNo , please note this in the code, also as mentioned  in a reply posted by me , on printing the values of the ID before and after the <%=chart1.getHtmlTag("367","241","Jpeg") %> , there is a difference in the IDs, after the call , the ID seems to be getting RESET to "Chart1".

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I guess i was on the right track and so the obvious was to try this...ie...use a different getHtmlTag which takes the chart ID .... But the behaviour of the intially used method seems to have a hard-coded set call to change the name .i smell a BUG!


<% if(chartNumber==0){ %> <%=chart1.getHtmlTag("367","241","Jpeg","chart1") %><% }else if(chartNumber==1){ %> <%=chart1.getHtmlTag("367","241","Jpeg","chart2") %><% }else if(chartNumber==2){ %> <%=chart1.getHtmlTag("367","241","Jpeg","chart3") %>  <% }else if(chartNumber==3){ %> <%=chart1.getHtmlTag("367","241","Jpeg","chart4") %>  <% }%>  

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