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Hi there
Is it a difficult or straightforward thing to integrate Chart FX components into custom web parts (i.e. web parts created using the WebPartManager control in VS 2005 for a straightforward ASP.NET application, not one based on the Sharepoint platform)?
I can only find information related to Sharepoint, but we don't develop this way.
I'd appreciate any comments.
Best regards
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We're using .NET.  Actually some tidbits I picked up in other threads helped me get autosave and autoload working.  UseCallbacksForEvents seemed to be key. 

BTW We're saving the personalize bytes in a web part personalizable property rather than the profile as the example docs show.  This is all done in the server control wrapper I mentioned.

[Personalizable(), WebBrowsable]

public Byte[] ChartPersonalization


  get { return btChartPersonalization; }

  set { try { btChartPersonalization = value; } catch (Exception) { } }




// Save

if (e.Stream != null)


  Byte[] btChart = new Byte[e.Stream.Length];

  e.Stream.Read(btChart, 0, btChart.Length);



  // The web part property will be saved in personalization

  ChartPersonalization = btChart;




// Read it back...

if (btChartPersonalization != null && btChartPersonalization.Length > 0)


  e.Stream = new System.IO.MemoryStream(btChartPersonalization);



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