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Highlight on mouse over behaviour

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I'm sorry for the late answer, but I was on vacation the last days.

The chart is used for displaying data comming from a query, but databinding

will not work because there is some logic to prepare data for the charting.

I have attached a sample app that sets the chart properties like in the

component where it is used. If you move the mouse cursor on one point, you

will see that only the point is selected.

So please tell me,

what is going wrong?


Thomas Ibel

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Ok. The reason the Highlight is occurring this way is because you are 

assigning per-point attributes:

chart1.Points[0, 0].Tag = new object(); //simulate real behavior

By doing this, you are changing the highlight behavior because each point

has different attributes. This is by design, the idea is that you can change

attributes and the highlight will highlight together those with the same set

of attributes, for example:

PointAttributes attr = new PointAttributes();

attr.Tag = new object();

chart1.Points[0,0] = attr;

chart1.Points[1,0] = attr;

chart1.Points[0,1] = attr;

chart1.Points[1,1] = attr;

Will group these four points together in one group. They will highlight

together. If you add a Custom Legend item with the same attributes (attr) it

will also highlight with them.

Unfortunately, there is no way to have per-point attributes and at the same

time keep highlighting the same way.


Francisco Padron



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But this works with Version 6.2!

This is a behaviour change, and so quite bad.

The 'Tag' property should not group some points together.

Mostly this property is used to hold point to DataRow relation, like in

other controls (eg tree).

Normaly you will not have two points from the same row in one series. I

don't think that it was a good

decision to use the point attributes for grouping. Maybe a extra 'Group'

property would be better.

The possibility to configure the highlighting behaviour would also be nice.

So you can choose if you want

to highlight whole series, group or one point.

Back to my problem:

How should I hold the relation between DataRow and Point without loosing the


Another problem is, that some DataRows are selected, to visualize that in

the chart I need to set the

Point attributes of that points. If the points gets deselected (by user or

by code) how I get back to normal


I also tried what you said and the result is not usable (see two

screenshots). Nobody understands that


I think not all changes from 6.2 to 2005 were good and

I hope you improve that very soon.


Thomas Ibel

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Thank you for your feedback.

I agree with you that in YOUR case, the highlight per-series will be the

right choice, however there are many other situations in which the Per-Point

attributes are a better grouping criteria.

I do think, there is also many situations in which your case will present

itself, so I have added a new property in the HighlightAttributes class:

IgnorePointAttributes. Doing:

chart.Highlight.IgnorePointAttributes = true;

Will ignore the per-point attributes when it comes to Highlighting.

This property will be available in the next Service Pack and as a HotFix in

the next couple of days. Please contact Software FX support to obtain the



Francisco Padron


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