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Bar chart with y axis that goes from low value to high


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 I'm trying to create a chart with a y-axis that goes from30 at the bottom to 1 at the top.  In other words, if a data point is1, I want it to have a long bar whereas a datapoint of 30 would have ashort bar.  I tried the inverted property, but that isn't what I'mlooking for.  So, if I had a bar chart with 3 points with values 5, 3, and 1, I'd want the chart to look like this: (With bars in place of the X's of course)

1 X

2 X

3 X X

4 X X

5 X X X -----------



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YFrom isn't an available property for the chart object.

 I'm using ChartFX for .NET version 6.2.  My chart declaration:

  this.chart1 = new SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Chart();

My ChartFX.dll is version 6.2.1342.0


Am I missing something here?


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