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Installation does not install all components to ChartFX


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Hi guys,

I'm doing a re-installation at a customer site. But I get a problem as soon as I install the ChartFX.

Following the manual of the software (ChartFX for .Net 6.2 being embedded) I should only have to start installation, write the serial number, copy the code inte the window and go on the internet and get the Challenge Code and paste it in the lower box. This far there are no problems. However, proceeding some steps, I enter the destination Directory and hit Next and expecting to see the list of web sites I which to install.

But no. Instead I'm taken directly to a screen where I can choose to use/not use "Schedule ChartFX Temp Cleanup". It should of course be checked. But what happend to the previous screen? Shouldn't it have been there? Has the installation software change but not the manual in my hand? (I don't think latter has happend.) Could someone give me hand here? I just don't get it!

The reason for being suspicious is that when all software has been installed the entire web site launches just fine. And I can see the trend in the reports. The problem is that it takes almost 40sec before I see the report in the browser. Any report without a trends takes less than 2sec. And just to make sure I started checking the database if there where tons of data in the graph and that this might have caused it, but it is not. The query is finsished well within a second! What is this? Trailware? Because I know for sure the license is valid. (Yes, I've seen the receipt.) Could someone please HELP. I close to loosing it on this one. ;)


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1) I do not think the fact that it is not asking for a WEB site is the problem, if it only finds one it won't ask (he screen will be skiped).

2) Does any chart produces thiese slow results? is it particular o this page? is it particular to the first chart beign created? Please provide with more details about which charts are slow, whether this happens once per sesion or on every page.

3) Check the vent log for any possible message from Chart FX

4) Is the Chart FX PSS Service running? You can check this by doing a View Source in your page and looking at the Url for your chart. Does it point to PSS?

For more information on PSS check the follwing KB article:


5) I do not beleive his is a license problem. License problems are ussually binary: the charts don't work at all or they work perfectly. I have never seen a license problem that makes the charts slower.

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