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Skipping certain points in the source data


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I'm trying to plot a line graph. But some of the source data would contain "null" values for the Y, while x is real time. I need ChartFX to ignore the null Y values. In effect, in a real time graph, there will appear to be a gap in the line graph.

This works when I'm importing a table from an Access database where field 1 represents the x values (time), and field 2 is the y. A null value is simply an empy field 2 against a valid field 1 for a record. After read into a DataSet, the test MyDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[n]("Field2").IsNull is true for the record containing the null value.

However, if I'm creating a table programmatically, ChartFX is no longer able to create that same gap. The IsNull test returns True for the same record! In fact, the value for that record was copied from the database (as opposed to assigning a null value to it). So I just don't get why ChartFX would ignore the null value in this case (ChartFX simply ignores this record and draws a line between the previous record  and the record after the null record).

Do you have any idea why that's the case?


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For some reason Chart FX is not understanding that value as null. What is Chart FX plotting where that value is ? Zero ?

Please provide a repro case or a code snippet that shows how you are building that table (specifically the null values) and passing it to the chart so that we can reproduce it here and tell you exactly what's happening and how to fix it.

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