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pss chartfx.webforms.config - contradicting documentation


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 I am looking at the article


Q7621004. The Chart FX PSS Service in a nutshell

This post is about the section where chartfx.webforms.config section is explained.

The chartfx.webforms.config section sample and the description for each attribute contradicts each other.

For example, the value of HandlerURL in the "sample" is tcp://localhost:8082/PssService, however in the description for HandlerURL, it goes as

 HandlerURL: Url for the PSS Http Handler. This handler responds to requests from the browser. Default value: /chartfx70/pss.

Please have this corrected.



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Thank you for the heads up, the explanation is the correct one, the sample is incorrect. The sample should be:

<chartfx>  <PssOutput>    <ServiceURL>tcp://localhost:8082/PssService</ServiceURL>    <HandlerURL>/chartfx70/pss</HandlerURL>    <RootURL></RootURL>    <RootURLFile></RootURLFile>    <Authenticate>true</Authenticate>  </PssOutput></chartfx>
We apologize for the inconvenience.
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