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Licensing Issue with ChartFX


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I installed the ChartFX Developer Studio Version for VS 2005 that was purschased from Software FX. I used many charts within my project and it is working absolutely fine on the system on which I have installed ChartFX. Now I wish to deploy my exe application on other systems that do not have ChartFX installed. But a strange licensing error gets raised 'Couldn´t get Run Time license.'

I have read an article that has been posted by you:  http://support.softwarefx.com/ShowArticleSep.aspx?Type=KB&Product=CfxNet62&Source=http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/610/1/008.htm?_r=1

I have added the License.licx file with the executable as mentioned. I checked the resources of the exe. It contains the License file. But unfortunately it has rendered no help, since the Licensing Error continues. 

Could you suggest some other Work around for the same.


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1) Make sure you rebuild the License using Chart FX for Visual Studio 2005. Not Developer Studio,

2) Check inside the license resource. You should see a reference to ChartFX.WinForms.Chart.

3) Build a Windows Form application from the scratch and drop a chart into the main form, compile it and compare this license resource with yours.

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Does the newly created application works when deployed?

If it does, we are going to need a repro case that reproduces the problem. I am assuming that when you talk about "application" you mean an EXE. If you mean a dll this won't work. If you don't have a EXE (you are building some kind of plug-in) then you need to contact Software FX support. You will need a special license.

The "standard" license agreement only allows for redistribution of Chart FX withing the context of an application (EXE).

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