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tooltip on chart


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can one of the members kindly post a code snippet to enable tooltip. The online documentation might be incorrect - [see online documentation snippet]

to enable tooltip - [C#]radialGauge1.ToolTip = false;to add tooltip[C#]myGauge.ToolTip = "Pressure Gauge";



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There is actually an error in the ToolTipEnabled property documentation. It should read like this:

To enable tooltips for a gauge:[C#]radialGauge1.ToolTipEnabled = true;

On another note, the ToolTip property supports a literal (e.g. "Pressure Gauge") but also provides a way to show the indicator value through the use of macros:

%v: MainIndicator%v[<scale index>, <indicator index>]: specific indicator for a specific scale, e.g. %v[0, 1] second indicator of main scale (scale 0).

Thank you for reporting this documenation issue.

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