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Floating gauge on desktop


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I’m trying to create a “floating” gauge on my desktop with a
transparent background.  Using Visual
Studio 2005 I add the gauge to a form and set the backcolor to
Transparent.  Since I can’t set the forms
backcolor to Transparent, I set it to a color like Fuchsia and set the forms
TransparencyKey color to match.  I also
set the FormBorderStyle to none.

This works but the gauges edges are “jagged” and the Fuchsia
color bleeds through around the control. 
Is there a way to get the “floating” gauge effect with smooth edges? 

Thank You 

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The closest we have got to smooth edges for "floating" gauges is to use a grayish color for both Background and TransparencyKey. The trick is that you have to use a gray color that is similar enough to the border so that the bleed removes the jagged effect but that is not used anywhere else in the gauge.

We have found that using Color.FromArgb(127, 128, 132) seems to work fine for most borders.



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