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Labels become blurry any Idea Why


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If you see my Previous Post on Limit the Labels. And compare the Image (BarChart.JPG) with the image in this Post (Blurry.jpg) i dont know when i reduce the size of my application the Labels on X axis goes blurry. While everything else remains intact. You can see the Axis X label (Task) in good formate. Is there any reason why Bar Chart is doing this...

My font is set to Tahoma

chart1.Font = new Font("Tahoma", 8, FontStyle.Regular);


And about the Labdl filling here is the code, where row["Name"] contains something like this TaskName + Enviornment.NewLine + Path

            int i = 0;
  foreach (DataRow row in table.Select("", "Name"))
  chart1.AxisX.Labels = row["Name"].ToString();
  chart1.Data[0, i] = (double)row["Min"];
  chart1.Data[1, i] = (double)row["Max"];
  chart1.Data[2, i] = (double)row["Average"];
  chart1.Data[3, i] = (int)row["NoofSuccess"];
  chart1.Data[4, i] = (int)row["NoofFailure"];


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The labels go 45-Degrees. Is that what you mean by "blury" ? (You attached a JPEG so it is blury all over, I can't see exactly what you mean. Next time attach a PNG).

The default setting in the X-Axis is to adjust the labels to fit them in the screen by stagering or rotating them when there is no room to display them horizontally.

To turn off this feature do:

 chart1.AxisX.Style &= ~AxisStyle.AutoLabelLayout;

Note: By turning off theis feature you will end up with cases in which some labels are skipped due to lack of space.


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