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Visible property not available in Properties dialog box for Line Graph


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I have a line graph and would like to access the visible property within the Property dialog box for a specific series.

I right click on the series and open the Property dialog box. I click on the Series tab to expose the properties for the series. On the Series tab is a Line section. The Visible, Effect and Color properties are gray and unavailable to the users.


How do I enable these properties?


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This is by design.

These controls are used to change the border of bars, they are dissabled in Line charts.

 There is no UI to hide a series. The reason: if you set Visible to false, then you will have no way of getting to this dialog again.

The Line Color is inherited from the series color.

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The ability to make a series visible or not by the user is a very important feature we had it in chartfx as an ActiveX control.

We have around ten series in a graph each series representing the volume of the material produced(Oil, water, gas, ngl, CO2,methane etc) in a well and depending on the geological region the users will turn on/off a series.

Users can always do a restore default to get back the series or chartfx can provide a dialog box to list the series as they did with ActiveX control. It is very unfortunate to loose functionality on upgrading to better version.

Any help, suggestions are highly appreciated.






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I understand what you're saying. Let me give you a little bit of background info on this:

The change came because of feedback from many users that complained that the dialog we previously had for edition the series was too complicated. For this reason we decided to get rid of the Series combobox and use context sensitive menus to access a particular series. Because clicking on a series became the only way to get to the properties dialog for that series, the Visible checkbox had to be eliminated, otherwise there would be no way to make that series visible again. We didn't find any UI that would make this possible without complicating the UI for most users, so we decided to drop it. We realize any change we make can potentially affect somebody negatively, but because we are building a generic product we have to weigh in whats good for many and bad for a few against what's good for a few and bad for many. Ideally we like to make everybody happy but this is not always possible.

You can always write the code to put it back in. The API for making series visible or not is still there, using custom commands or other UI you can customize the chart to have this feature. The UserCommand event provides you with the context from which it was invoked through the Object property in the event arguments.

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