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Where Do I find THe "UserCommand" event?

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I am working in VB.Net and ASP.Net. I need to create a custom right click 

menu on a series. I have the menu built but when I try to use the following

code from the documentation

Private Sub Chart1_UserCommand(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As

SoftwareFX.ChartFX.CommandUIEventArgs) Handles Chart1.UserCommand

If e.ID = 4 Then

MessageBox.Show("My Custom Command", "Custom Command",


End If

End Sub

I get the ugly blue squiggly lines and under the object definition and the

Chart1.UserCommand part stating that they are not declared. I also noticed

that the "UserCommand" event does not show up in the dropdown list for

Events on my chart.

Help Please...

Don Trainer

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If you are using WebForms (this is the WebForms forum) then the UserCommand 

Event is NOT present in the Server Component, this is a "

client-side" event that you can capture in the client, only if you are using

an Active Client (ActiveX or .NET Client). Check out the following KB

article for information on how to handle Client-Side events:

Q7121019. Accessing Chart Events from the Client-Side when generating .NET

Client Controls



Software FX

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You can do this talking to Excel by using OLE Automation. The following KB 

article explains how:

Q1381089. Exporting a Chart To Microsoft Word Using Automation

The article can be found in ChartFX's client server support site, however

the ideas in this article (everything dealing with talking to Excel) remain

valid to use with Chart FX for .NET.

Notice that the sample code exports the chart as a binary file, to export a

picture simply change the format in the call to Export (at the beginning of

the code).



Software FX

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