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Capturing values of data points


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I need help on capturing the values of any data point in a chart. Essentially, I need the information displayed in the tooltip when you hover over a data on a line chart. I have a chart with 4 series on a realtime axis, with datasource being an xml file. I'm looking to get the x value and the y value all of the series when the mouse hovers over (or clicks) a data point. Can someone help me with this please? Thanks.


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Both the MouseClick event and the GetTip event provide you with all the information you need to determine which point is being clicled/hovered-over.

For example:

private void chart1_MouseClick (object sender,HitTestEventArgs e) {

if (e.HitType == HitType.Point) {

   int seriesClicked = e.Series;

int pointClicked = e.Point;

double x = chart.Data.X[seriesCliecked,pointClicked];

double y = chart.Data.Y[seriesCliecked,pointClicked];



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