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Can't get XAxis Scrollbar to show


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Hello.  I'm having difficulty getting the scrollbar to show for the X-Axis.

I've modified the AxisLabels sample application with the following XML resource file to read in.  It provides me with 100 data points.  I'm trying to set up the XAxis as a time based scale.  The major ticks are every 5 seconds.  Does the Step value have anything to do with why I can't get the scroll bar?

Here is the ReadChartData()

void ReadChartData(){ //string sXmlData = Properties.Resources.ProductSales; string sXmlData = Properties.Resources.TimeTest; XmlDataProvider cfxXML = new XmlDataProvider(); cfxXML.DateFormat = "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss"; cfxXML.LoadXml(sXmlData); try {   chart1.ExtraStyle |= ChartStyles.DoubleBuffer;   chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Curve;   chart1.AxisX.LabelAngle = 45; chart1.AxisX.Step = 5.787037083e-5;   chart1.AxisX.MinorStep = 1;   chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Time;   chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = cfxXML;   chart1.AxisX.AutoScroll = true;   chart1.AxisX.ScrollPosition = 50;   chart1.AxisX.SetScrollView(30, 40); } catch (Exception ex) {   MessageBox.Show(DateTime.Now.ToString() + "\n\n" + ex.Source + ": " + ex.Message); }}

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First off, thank you for the response. 

I gave it a try and I must still be doing something wrong.  I put the ScrollPosition = 50 and SetScrollView(30, 40) into the code earlier as guesses.

 Here is what I tried and still wasn't able to get the results.

  1. [*]Leave the code as it is.  I can change the chart Gallery to Bar chart and the scroll bar does appear.  I set the Gallery to Curve and the chart plots all data points onto the display.  I would like to force it to show only a subset of the data, say 30 points.

    [*]Here is what I attempted with using a DateTime value.

DateTime dtStart = DateTime.Parse("03/01/2007 08:43:09");
DateTime dtEnd = DateTime.Parse("03/01/2007 08:43:29");
//chart1.AxisX.SetScrollView(30, 40);
chart1.AxisX.SetScrollView(dtStart.ToOADate(), dtEnd.ToOADate());

Running the SetScrollView with the DateTime values ran slow.  Is that normal?  It seemed like the appication may have been frozen up for about 5 seconds, then the display changed to grey, please see attached picture.  If I were to right click on the chart and then disply the Toolbar the chart would refresh back to all data points on the display.



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I am also having the Same Problem. In my case i have Lables on X axis. And when

i tried to do SetScollView(0,5) on X axis, in order to show only first five lables and if user wants to see other he has to use scoll bar.

My application went into freeze mode. 

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