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creating control chart types not included in the stats extension


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I am trying to figure out what it is going to take for me to create 4 types of SPC charts that the stats extension does not create out of the box.

The chart types are c, u, s and moving range charts.


I saw the post about creating g-charts but wasn't sure if or how it applied to my situation - any advice would be much appreciated. I am trying to figure out if I can do this with the chartfx stats extension.

thanks in advance

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All SPC charts allow you to define your own Sigma and Mean values, control limits are drawn at Mean - 3*Sigma and Mean + 3*Sigma.In an X-Chart, by default the Mean is automatically calculated as the "mean of means" while the control limits are calculated using the un-bias sigma.To override this default you can do the following:statistics1.Gallery.Current = Galleries.Gallery.XChart;statistics1.Gallery.XChart.Mean = <c>;statistics1.Gallery.XChart.Sigma = Math,Sqrt(c_bar);So if you calculate both the Mean and Sigma for the C-Chart in your code, you can use this "customized X-chart" as your X-Chart.Let me know if this helps.Note: The same principle applies to all SPC chart, so if your data looks more like the x-Chart or np-Chart, you can use one of those instead of the p-Chart.

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