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VBXCTRL, CHART2FX, DCU'S when reviving an old delphi 1.0 project in delphi 4.0

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Some time ago, I wrote a program in Delphi 1.0 which included chartfx.

When it was compiled it included VBXCTRL.DCU and CHART2FX.DCU.

Now I am revisiting the project, but in Delphi 4.0, and on compiuling, it is

saying it cannot find vbxctrl.dcu, or chart2fx.dcu.

Whats more, I am having a really hard time getting hold of these delphi


What is happening is that without these declarations, "OpenData" as in

chartfx1.opendata"(COD_VALUES), is being regarded as unknown.

HELP!!! ?

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