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Y1 & Y2 Max Value Settings


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When we are building charts that use data labels above the bars, the system frequently selects a default yaxis max value that results in the labels being place outside the plot area.

If the bars are in the middle of the plot they well overlap with titles.


Is there a way to control/prevent this from happening without having to assume responsibility for calculating yaxis max values by ourselves?  It would be ideal if the Yaxis max was calculated to fit the bar + the font size for label with a little extra rom for spacing.


Your thoughts are appreciated. 

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Unfortunately that does not help because we do not know when this happens other than to look at the output and see overlapping labels or labels outside the plot area. I guess it would be better to have more white space at the top of the plot than labels outside the plot.

We would like to add this feature to the enhancement list.

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