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Please download the new FE Localization project from "support.softwarefx.cfxfe" on the FAQ section, the problem is been fixed in that project.

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From: M.Wasbauer [ mailto:m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl]

Posted At: Sunday, February 20, 2000 5:48 PM

Posted To: Localization

Conversation: Draw box doesn't work after DLL has been loaded

Subject: Draw box doesn't work after DLL has been loaded

Hello everybody,

When trying to draw something in CFX98 FE via "Drawing features", the dialog

box which normally pop-ups

(See attachment) doesn't come up anymore when the FE localization DLL has

been loaded.

I also built an "empty" DLL with absolutely no changes made already to the

resources, so in fact a UK DLL.

The result was the same, no Add box anymore.

I can't figure out why this happens.

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